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From: Soren Jordansen & John Merrick
RE: The step-by-step real world solutions to all your traffic needs

I'm about to reveal some ugly truths about internet marketing

It will upset some people - it will very likely upset you too!

But at the end of the day you'll be better of for having read this, and I'm sure you'll agree with what I'm about to say...

Bottomline... There is so much hogwash going on in internet marketing right now, I can't just sit idly by anymore

You know what I'm talking about...

The "click 3 buttons software" that will make you $506,352.79 in a week... The strippers, old men in their death beds, "stealing" software that will predict the future etc.

All portrayed by fake actors because none of the so-called gurus have the balls to put their own name and face on the crap they are peddling

It's tough times, the economy is tanking...

And these scumbags are preying on the desperate... trying to make quick cash by offering the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel...

Problem is they are selling you a one way ticket into the never ending tunnel of despair!

Now I could go on and on ranting about this - God knows there's enough to rant about...

But it would be counter productive for all of use... but I will say this...

If You Take One Thing Away From Reading This Letter Today - Let This Be The Lesson...

If someone tries to sell you something that promises to make you money on complete auto pilot - you need to run away fast!

Yes there are products out there that can (to some degree) automate traffic generation...

...and yes there's also stuff that can automate the monetization of traffic

But to date nobody has devised a system that can do both at the same time

If they did they wouldn't sell it to you!

Think about it... if you developed a completely hands off money making machine, would you sell it for $37?

Of course not!

You would just use it for yourself and keep scaling it up

And that's the big dirty secret of internet marketing... and the one thing I want you to remember.

It's Not All Bad - There's Still Loads Of Money
To Be Made Online - More Than Ever!

E-commerce is a trillion dollar industry.

There are more and more people coming online every single day...

... And they are buying things online in ever increasing numbers!

Also... Don't get me wrong, there is a metric ton of solid products, courses, resources etc. out there than can help cash in on this trend (you just have to wade through the garbage first)

And of course there a lot of people who do make a lot of money online (legitimately), us included.

Now the big problem is that hardly anyone ever tells you the big secret to making money online...

The #1 Skill That Separates The Winners From The Masses Of "Wanna Be's" Is 'How To Drive A Hoard Of Targeted Traffic' -- End of Story!

It's common sense

Yet usually never talked about... Because it's an inconvinient truth

Being able to drive enough traffic - at will - is the foundation for any kind of internet marketing success.

It's what we should all focus on first - Yet it's where most people fail!

And they usually fail after buying copy after copy of the latest flavor of the week money making machine - only to discover that they don't have the traffic required to "feed" the machine.

It doesn't matter how great your system, product or service is ... if you're not sending the right target of hungry buyers to your website... FERGETABOUDIT!

On the other hand...

"It Doesn't Matter What Business You're In... You Could Sell Ice To Eskimos If You Consistently Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website!"

Given enough traffic even the worst sales page in the the history of mankind will make sales!

Of course the opposite is not true

The best crafted offer in the world won't make any sales unless you get eyeballs on the page!

This is your friendly but stern wake up call...

Stop buying into the latest and greatest money making technique... Before you have learned how to drive traffic to your offers.

You'll be better off in the long run, because...

The Truth is ... Once You Master the Art of Web Traffic ... NOBODY Can Take That Skill Away From You - and That's When You'll Make Money at Will -- Anytime You Want!

Internet marketing is as old as the medium itself

Those of us who have been around for a few years or more have seen all the "gold rushes"

  • Domain squatting
  • Spamming Adsense blogs
  • Cheap PPC on Google
  • Affiliate review sites and sniper blogs
  • The list goes on and on...
While profitable in their heyday, none of these methods are worth anything today.

Right now you can't turn your head without seeing Facebook this or Facebook that

Guess what

That will eventually end up in the dustbin too!

Truth is... The only people who consistenly make money in internet marketing - and the people who will always be able to make money...

Are those who have learned to drive traffic to their sites... lots of it

And not just one trick ponies... people who have learned how to drive traffic at any time - regardless of what is the current fad or flavor of the week!

Thankfully driving loads of traffic is not rocket science, and I'm about to show you exactly how to do it...

The Current State Of Affairs In Internet Marketing Makes Me Sick -
I Want To Do Something About It
& You Get To Benefit Today!

You see... A while back I created a massive video course on traffic generation.

I had ONE GOAL when I created my Traffic Blueprint Video Course for you...

To spill my guts and give you step-by-step real world solutions to all your traffic needs ... because the key to your success online is TRAFFIC - plain and simple!

This course has been a huge success and has helped thousands of people drive more traffic to their sites.

The strategies in the course worked when it was created... they work now... and they'll work in a year from now!

Because this is not based on the latest fad

These methods are evergreen and highly effective traffic generation strategies that anyone can start using today

This course has always sold for $77... in fact it still does!

And I have no plan of stopping that, as it's seriously good value for the amount of content on offer.

However... I did tell you I wanted to make difference today.

To swim against the stream of crap in internet marketing

And offer you the piece you're missing at the lowest possible price... Because I want to help as many people as I possibly can!

This is a BIG video course and it's available to you both as downloads and streamed online (you get both).

All I really want is to cover my bandwith cost... and to be perfectly honest, get a few bucks I can pass on to any loyal affiliates who help me share this course

That's why you're not going to pay anywhere near $77 when you order my Massive Traffic Explosion video course, from this page today!

But before we get to that, I want to show you exactly what is in my video course... no blind sales letters or gimmicks here...

So Without Further Ado I Offer You...

Here's Just A Few Of The Simple Yet Powerful Gems of Traffic Mastery You're About To Discover In This Unique Traffic Blueprint:

Five "tested" ad formats that that you can steal and "CUT AND PASTE" that are proven to generate thousands of visitors to your website within days
Where to go for "secret" resources that no one is talking about online to drive massive surges of targeted traffic quickly - specifically interested in exactly what you have to offer.
How To Quickly and Easily Build A Keyword List Into The Thousands To Help You Effortlessly Attract All The High Quality Traffic You Want!
How to create "300 word articles" that turn readers into "followers" with two simple techniques that will have them telling everyone they know about your website.
How To BOOST Your Website's Link Popularity And Google Page Rank With These 4 Little Known, Battle-Tested, And Easy To Use Linking Tactics -- And I'll Even Show You How To Get Setup With Nearly All Of Them For FREE!"
2 FREE Traffic Tactics I've Used To Build A Website That Gets Well Over 1,000 Unique Visitors A Day - And How You Can Copy My Same "Set it and Forget It" Formula To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Own Website Fast!

The 10 Quick & Easy Steps To Becoming A Writing Whiz Even If You Can't Currently Write Your Way Out Of A paper Bag ...

How To Use Internet Toolbars That Automatically Promote Your Websites For You 24-7 (This is so clever I can't believe it's legal -- BUT IT IS!)
How to generate $1,000 or more in FREE TRAFFIC without spending a single penny on advertising... and why you'll never want to pay for advertising again!
My four "stealth" PPC formats that you can steal and "CUT AND PASTE" that are proven to generate thousands of dollars in sales - If you're not using these techniques, then you're leaving thousands of dollars on the table every time you advertise.
And So Much More!

Let Me Break Down Each Module So You'll Get An "Insider's" Sneak Peek At Exactly What You're About To Uncover In This 7 Module Video Training Series:

Module 1 Article Marketing

In this module we dive right into one of the most overlooked yet most powerful ways of driving traffic to any website absolutely FREE.

You'll learn some stealth tricks and tactics 99% of your competition don't even know exist ... and you'll be able to immediately storm the search engines and "other secret goldmines" with your content literally overnight... while presenting yourself as an industry expert and leader in your niche.


Module 2 Video Marketing

Video marketing has become so popular, that if you know how to use video correctly (and where the hidden gems are with little competition) you could storm the search engines with ease!

Folks browsing the Internet want to be entertained... and you're going to discover how to entertain and captivate at the same time - all while cash in at the same time.


Module 3 Social Networks

For many, social networks are a place for people to hang out and discuss their personal lives... but the reality is you could drive 1000's of interested leads to any website daily once you understand the basic principles of "marketing" on these networks.

From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between, these sites are a marketer's dream come true when in comes to INSTANT TRAFFIC!.

But there are some major pitfalls too.. and if you don't avoid these traps, you could kiss your traffic goodbye.


Module 4 Online Forums

If you really want to create a cult of devoted followers who practically beg you to sell them your products and services... the forums are the Godzilla of traffic sources!

Gone are the days of computer geeks hanging out talking "tech shop".

Follow the skills and advice (and the many secret tactics) I explain step by step in this module... and you'll soon find yourself mezmorized by the results!


Module 5 Press Releases

Half the battle when it comes to "BIG RESULTS" with traffic is finding the right "networks" to connect with.

There are so many opportunities for you to increase your traffic and revenues... but if the "BIG SHOTS" don't know you exist.. how do you expect to grow?

In this module I'm going to reveal some staggering methods you can use to get your name in the spotlight.. and have people from all over the world hitting your website 24/7.


Module 6 Paid Advertising

Once you've established a constant wave of FREE traffic hour after hour... now it's time to step it up a notch and turn on the turbos ...

When it comes to paid traffic.. there's good and there downright theives. I'm going to uncover the best paid traffic methods on the net and also show you my "do's and dont's" so you never end up over budget or in the red.

Paid traffic can take you from zero to hero FAST... but only if you know what you're doing and do it in a systematic way.


Module 7 Advanced Techniques

These little traffic "goldmines" are worth the price of my course alone.

I'm going to uncover some of the most sought after techniques known to man while I demonstrate exactly how to implement these techniques to turn your web counter into a tachometer!

Your friends and family are going to wonder how you achieved the staggering results you're about to experience...

It'll be our little secret!

As You Can See I'm Hiding Nothing... I Want You To See Exactly What You'll Be Receiving When You Invest In My Traffic Blueprint Today - I'm Leaving No Stone Left Unturned...

If you're ready to take your online business to the next level and achieve things you never dreamed possible.. I can do that for you. I have complete and total confidence in my course and it's ability to change lives.

And once you learn these trafffic tactics and how to implement them into your everyday business habits... you'll then be able to compound your profits over and over again.

"It doesn't matter what your plan of attack is... MLM, Information Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Services... Once you know how to blast traffic to your website... you can literally write your own paycheck anytime you want!"

One last note...

I want to be completely honest with you. My course is evergreen, it's stuff that works. It's not some out-dated collection of references - or some boring ebook you'll need to read and take notes on.

Neither is it based on the latest fad or pipe dream - if you're looking for the auto pilot, magic bullet, future predicting software... This is not for you!

But if you are a smart marketer looking for solid and profitable traffic strategies that just plain work - you're in the right place

This course is "High Quality Video Instruction" where you'll be lead step by step through the exact blueprint you need to use to start driving enormous funnels of targeted, motivated traffic to your website literally within hours.

I use these exact same methods each and every day.

And if you invest right now... I'm going to offer you the entire 7 module series for less than $3 per module!

Yes, you read that correct ... your total invesment for the entire 7 module series will be a low one time payment of just $19.95 see the special price below!

I think you'll agree that's far lower than any other course of this magnitude you've ever seen.

As I mentioned before this course sells for $77 on a regular basis.

What you're reading now is a limited time special offer

... I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time. If you leave this page now and come back later, I can not guarantee that this huge discount will still be available to you.

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Listen... I'm not going to beat around the bush here... this should be one of the easiest decisions you've ever had to make for your business. There is absolutely no way for you to lose.

This is the one and only traffic course that can help you achieve any income goal you have.

You deserve the success that this course can help you achieve and don't let anyone tell you otherwise - success is yours for the taking.

But I can only help so much... I can help by making this available to you at such a low cost

You DO need to do something. If you want that success and financial freedom you deserve - if you want it quickly - then you NEED to take the next step.

You need to take action today, right now, while you CAN.

So... what will you do?

Will you keep repeating the same things over and over again with no success to speak of?

Or will you take action on a proven system with this once in a lifetime chance to drastically change your life for the better - and begin getting massive hoards of traffic and cash sales?

It's your turn now!

Massive Traffic Explosion

See you inside...

Soren Jordansen & John Merrick

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